nude couple in bed grinding

Unlocking yourself

Imagination is a powerful thing, and unlocking your own sexuality is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give yourself. It is indeed a healthy and exponentially glorious long-term skill that no one should be without. In an ever-changing world, the ability to escape it all and dive into some healthy raw fun (solo or otherwise!) has proven time and time again to relieve stress, give you better sleep and overall keep your body and mind happy! Finding what “flips your switch” can be a very easy but also a complicated task for some. With the wide variety of fetish and kink content literally at your fingertips, getting lost in the sea of sexuality is something that can happen to even the most dedicated kinksters. The key is variety, going down that rabbit hole, and not being afraid to explore! There is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned “Vanilla” fun, but rest assured that there is nothing wrong with rocking the boat in new and exciting ways. Sex in all of its glory is nothing more than a primal urge we all experience in life. Why not give yourself (and your partner) the chance to feel truly alive? Be yourself, be confident, relish, savor. Enjoy it! Cracking open the mental vault of all your desires and making that connection is something you will never regret.

Nobody knows you quite like you do, and that is as true in the bedroom as it is in everyday life. One of the best ways to get to know yourself is, in all honesty, to take yourself on a little date! Mood lighting, playing some music, light a candle and slide into that sexy outfit you have been waiting to wear for a “special occasion”, just go for it! Feeling sexy for yourself and letting your guard down is one of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to get to know yourself and start letting the naughty thoughts flow! Having that time to yourself really gives you that opportunity to figure out what gets your motor running on your own terms, and there is something to be said about that. It is important to remember that what you like will change over time; you will go back and forth and back again, but the most important thing is to land on the thing that gives you that toe-curling achievement. Shutting the rest of the world out for some well-needed respite is healthy for all of us; give yourself the time you deserve! Uninterrupted solo playtime not only allows you to reconnect with yourself but also gives your mind the rest and relaxation it needs to focus on the tasks of your day-to-day routines. Seriously, do yourself this favor! 

When it comes to all the down-and-dirty fun we love to have with our partners, it is important to remember that mixing it up is not only an option but an amazing way to keep that spark alive after the honeymoon phase is over! Going through “Phases” in your sex life allows you to have that kinky fun without the fear that it will get stale or even boring. Sometimes you want to be ravaged, other times you might want to whisper in your husband’s ear about how you are going to turn him into a cuckold and watch him absolutely melt. Everyone is different, and letting yourself have the actual kind of fun you want to have will never disappoint. When you are with a partner for the long haul, knowing what you both like and exploring together will not only bring you together but open the door for future fetish fantasy and flare! Everyone loves to feel good, and sometimes, bringing toys into the bedroom might be that extra boost you have been looking for! Going to the “Naughty store” together is always a chance to be flirty and have fun with your partner. Variety keeps things between the sheets exciting and intimate. Having that connection in a relationship elevates it and is also one of the best ways to maintain that high. Send that dirty text in the middle of the day, wear those slutty panties, and bring out the new toy you bought! Taking all the pent-up energy you have and putting it to good use through your sexuality will do nothing short of cleanse your soul and leave you feeling very, very satisfied (Trust me!).

Harness this power for your content. Always remember that creating around the kinds of things you actually enjoy will translate into a much better quality product than if you simply make something because it might be trending right that moment. Having actual fun while filming lets you forget the camera is rolling, takes the stress off and overall gives you the ability to keep creating long-term without losing interest in your craft. This ultimately results in higher views, more sales and, of course, a better success rate overall! Allowing yourself to have that openness and willingness to explore the adult world will always give you a leg up in the bedroom and on camera. No matter, if you are a weekend warrior or a professional smut peddler, unlocking yourself and knowing what really turns you on, will always keep the NSFW world of creation a happy place for you. Never forget to have fun, never forget to do it for yourself above anything else.