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Unusual kinks

Every now and then, we are faced with a request from a member that we find…Interesting. A fetish we have not heard of before, unusual kinks or something that generally just makes you wonder how they came to find that they enjoyed it. It happens! This can be a little daunting for both new creators and experienced veterans. These requests may come from brand-new members or your core fans alike. Many times, it takes a lot of comfort and trust for a member to gather up the courage to ask about these things. They may feel embarrassed or shy. They might think it’s weird themselves. Often a fetish or kink someone believes to be unusual is one of the biggest in the world (Cuckold being one of these! Seriously y’all, it’s not weird, and we love you for it!) Keeping an open mind and being understanding when approached about these topics is very important. Disclaimer: Every example I use in this particular blog is a very true and honest sample of the things you may encounter and have all been fulfilled by me at one point or another. Never underestimate the ability of humans to keep surprising each other!


The almost endless range of “unusual” kinks can be mind-blowing. The most everyday things can bring your members immense amounts of happiness and fun! Over the last 9 years I have been in the industry, I have been asked to perform many tasks I thought, initially, were strange. Opening up my mind and actually hearing the requests has shown me that there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to sex. Blowing up balloons, sneezing, and sponges ( that’s right, I said sponges!), to name a few. All these and more have led me to explore more options surrounding these things, and I was not disappointed! I’ve had members ask me to hulk off a baggy t-shirt, burp as many times as possible in a 15-minute window, shower in sweatpants, and the list goes on. The point is, don’t be surprised if someone wants you to squish a piece of cake under your feet or give yourself an atomic wedgie. Hear them out. What you find might delightfully surprise you! If you are worried about pre-made videos not selling, my sneezing videos have competed with my big anal videos for most sales ever. Not kidding! Custom videos, pre-made videos, subscription services, and more. There is always room for more!


Most of the time, when you come across one of these kinks, it is not something you have heard much about before. This, of course, means that you don’t have a lot of information on the topic. The best way to not only engage with your fans but get a better idea of what they want is to simply ask them about it! What do they like about it? How did they find out they were interested in it? What other actions can be taken during the event? Inquiring beyond just a script shows that you are interested in not only giving them a product they will enjoy but just trying out new things for the sake of your members, which can be a massive turn-on! Ask your members to give you as much information as they can about the topic in question. There is no better way to allow them to feel comfortable talking about it and provide a quality product simultaneously. Many people will have a specific request ( sneezing but ONLY with red lipstick on) or more inclusive (sea sponge, dish sponge, bath sponges… seriously, all the sponges!), so make sure to ask for any specifics. The last thing you want to do is to split a pair of light wash jeans squatting down for a custom video only to find out later that they would have preferred dark wash ones.


In this industry, there is no room for kink-shaming. That being said, if someone is asking you for content you do not think you will enjoy or feel uncomfortable doing, it is always ok to say no. I will say, however, that taking on some of these more unusual requests can be very beneficial as it will likely bring you a whole new hoard of members ready to purchase! Many of these alternative topics have a large community of participants and enthusiasts you would never have known about otherwise. Nothing puts a damper on a transaction faster than immediately stating your opinion on the topic when it is not positive. Again, it is always ok to decline a request you do not feel comfortable with. For example, I have a member who has been with me for years who really wants me to eat a very spicy pepper while naked. Although I love and appreciate this particular member, I am not willing to cry spicy tears. They understand! Hearing them out and then politely declining will keep your existing relationship intact. There is no need to cause embarrassment because someone wants you to pour a gallon of milk over your head while wearing a thong. Everyone is different! Stay cool, stay open, and stay hydrated!


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