dirty talk close up of lips

Dirty talk

The way of the words comes easy to some and is all but impossible for others, and that is not exclusive to the bedroom. If you are like me and have the natural gift of gab, it can be very easy to slip into the erotic verbiage with some practice. The key to unlocking it, though, doesn’t always reveal itself right away, even though it is nothing more than saying what is actually on your mind! No matter if you are sending a naughty text or whispering in your partner’s ear, dirty talk holds the power to take your sex life to a whole new level. For those who are more on the shy side, practising your dirty talk will serve as a double-whammy by also translating a great amount of confidence into your everyday SFW conversation!


What you say matters. Words are the most powerful and plentiful tools we have in and out of the bedroom. Being able to express your true desires to your partner is not only the key to a continuous spark but it is also exhilarating! Letting yourself live, letting you and your partner both be free to express your passion together, no sex toy can provide that long-term! Being descriptive is a huge part of this, so it’s time to brush up on your adjectives! It is a lot easier to let the verbiage flow naturally when you aren’t repeating yourself with the same keywords. This also doesn’t mean you have to go over the top with the word insertion. For example, saying “Last night was really hot!” you can say “Last night was spectacular” to get the same message across but in a way that one won’t soon forget. The small details and the assortment of words makes all the difference in the world. If you are looking for material to draw from, searching through your favorite tube site or platform of choice can spark a lot of ideas to get you going; giving yourself a chance to relax while you “research” will also allow you to think clearly and enjoy the process.


We all have our inner voice, things we wish we had the courage to say out loud. It all comes down to exactly that: courage! Even the most seasoned veteran can get a little shy when it comes to our true desires and passions in the bedroom. The first time you let yourself tell your partner exactly what you are thinking in the heat of the moment, it will feel unlike anything else! There is nothing more empowering than that moment! The hiccup that comes with this, particularly in the beginning, is tripping over your own words when you are trying to speak. This is not something you can always avoid, no matter how confident you are, but once you decide you want to say the words, getting them actually out of your mouth can be a little difficult. This happens to all of us! It happens to people in and out of the bedroom every single day. There are several ways you can combat the verbal trip, though; fear not! Stopping and taking a deep pleasure driven breath and then reiterating the phrase, replacing the end of the word with a moan, “I want you so bad I can’t even think straight” etc. If the mistake is a small one, acting like it didn’t happen all together is also an easy way to keep the spark alive and the mood intact. It can feel embarrassing, shake your confidence and also send you back a few steps in the journey, but this is a very normal thing that happens to all of us.


Utilizing this tool in your content will bring it to a whole new level. Not only will it give you more to work with for better quality and fresh ideas, but it will keep your fans coming back for more time and time again! Being more descriptive and saying the words with confidence, both verbally or through text, will add that extra oomph to your sex life and your content. Many people seek out content with sound and voice in mind. Think about any time you have searched through several videos trying to find one you liked. You will skip through content that does not delight the senses, and that includes sound. It creates a lasting impression, and fans will absolutely love to watch you expand on your journey through the language of love. With practice, you will be able to not only enjoy the craft more but also plant those feelings in your fans’ heads that they won’t be able to shake. The drive to have someone say to us the things we want to hear is what we all seek in one way or another: give them (and yourself!) the freedom to truly enjoy the experience in the most primal way, and you will not regret it!