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The power of fun

Having fun with what you do is one of the most important things to remember when creating content. No matter what kind of content you produce, it will reflect in your work if you are not having fun and enjoying it. This can be frustrating for not only you but the consumer as well. Aside from that, creating things that make you happy and keeping that in focus through the process is healthy for you mentally and physically. I know this sounds like the most obvious of statements, but it is very easy to forget when it comes to the plethora of opportunities we have as creators today. It becomes easier and easier to take on projects that you really have no interest in; although this can be a great learning opportunity, it’s important to remember that you don’t always have to say yes! Staying true to yourself and what you enjoy overall will ultimately result in much higher-quality content that you can be proud of.


Think about your own consumption of content online. The best streams, videos or other outlets are always ones that clearly show the creator in their element. It makes all the difference in the world if you can see that the creative juices are flowing. This is something that you want to take into consideration when you are creating your own products. That genuine “want” and the passion that comes with it not only make the execution easier for you but also allow it to be a true self-expression and stress reliever for you. The consumer will recognize this in your content; this is what keeps people coming back for more time and time again. With all content, nothing kills the vibe, like the face of someone who clearly does not want to be doing what they are doing. Consider the last time you knew someone was annoyed with a request, a question or a general conversation you had with them. The only thing it really accomplished in your mind was that you knew you did not want to have to go back to that person for something else. The same applies to creation.  This is not the same as trying something new that you have an interest in, and although you may be a wonderful actor, a fake smile will always be a fake smile.


Being honest is huge when taking requests or custom orders from your members. Agreeing to a custom order that you aren’t really a fan of just for the money is the easiest way to start the decline into stress. None of this is to say you can’t try new things, but it is important to know what you are getting yourself into ahead of time. For example, If you despise your feet being touched, it makes you cringe, you avoid it at all costs. If a member wants to order a foot fetish-style video where these things need to be performed, and you accept, the chances of them being disappointed in the said video are high. The reason for this is you can only act as though you are into something you hate for so long before you wear it all over your body language. I know it is no secret that providing something like this to the consumer is a very easy way to open the negativity door. When someone is explaining what they are looking for in the custom content they want to order, have the discussion and be honest about your feelings. If they are asking for content that is based on something you have never done before or don’t know a lot about, tell them! Ask them questions about it, what it is that they enjoy about it. Not only does this give you insight into a new potential branch of your tree, but it will also show that you are, in fact, interested in providing them with something of quality and passion. Letting the consumer know that you have no experience in that particular field also takes the mental stress off you if it is something you decide to take on. This allows you to explore it and have fun with it without the expectation of a seasoned veteran. Giving the members the opportunity to teach you about what they want gives them a very positive feeling and much more potential for them to come back to you in the future.


Having fun on your side when you are creating is so important for your own mental and physical health. With any kind of work, stress and strain weigh heavy on both of those things, even if you aren’t feeling it right away. Over time, having to force yourself to push out content does nothing for you but creates anxiety surrounding this thing that was once an outlet for you. With this comes fatigue, mental blocks, frustration, and so much more. Luckily, there are many ways to keep your art fun and a healing mechanism for you to use to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having some time for yourself to recharge, having a little fun with no cameras rolling, remembering that you are a human being and sometimes you just need a day off from other people. All of these things are so helpful if you are starting to feel bogged down by the bombardment that is the internet today.  It has become increasingly more normal to hop online when you are trying to relax and engage in the virtual world for entertainment instead of letting your brain rest. The extra stress this causes is masked by the serotonin scrolling; this is not helping you recharge. Once you get back in touch with yourself, you are feeling more open, happy and ready to take on the day! The best way to get back into the swing of creating after this point is to do it for yourself: do something you know that you love, something that makes you feel good. This reminds your body and mind that the flow of energy that you use to conduct this production is healthy, it is good for you, and you will find that it is so much easier to shoot that next video or write that next script.


Knowing what you like and knowing that that can change over time is the first step in staying true to fun. Creation and art are both useful tools for many reasons, no matter if you are working through things that weigh on you every day or living vicariously through yourself. We as humans are always finding new things we want to explore; it just so happens that one of the real beauties of this kind of work is that it provides a unique opportunity to do so and to utilize this as a tool. We change, we backtrack, we try new things and decide we hate them. All of this is perfectly normal, and the development of your own creations is a beautiful journey. No matter if you create influential NFSW or any other kind of content you can possibly think of, all of these things are important to remember. Keeping your mind, body and soul happy is the easiest way to ensure that your content is true to you and will continue to be a positive tool in your arsenal.