Adult Industry and Sex Worker Resources

Mental Health Resources

Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support is a platform created by Leya Tenit, a British performer, to focus on the importance of mental health within the adult industry after being deeply affected by the lives lost to suicide. Pineapple Support provides free and subsidized therapy for all adult industry performers; with the goal of creating a safe environment that is judgment-free. In addition to their therapy assistance program, they also offer free groups that cover a range of mental health topics.

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7Cups is a website dedicated to offering judgment-free chatting sessions with trained “listeners” that will allow you to talk about a wide range of mental health problems in order to get things off your chest. The 7Cups listener team is volunteer based with some listeners even actively working in the adult industry themselves. Their chat line is available 24/7, and it is completely free, but they also offer therapy options with licensed therapists for $150 a month.

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Adult Industry News & Resources


A vast network of resources and tools for sex workers that includes a business to business professional network services, conferences, adult entertainment industry market research program and so much more! Let’s not forget their annual award show and their monthly magazine feature some of the hottest models on the planet! is an all around gold mine for professional and amateur performers alike to come together and explore the true business side of the industry in all its glory

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Blogs galore! Information on so many important topics and a raw look into the sex work world! News, product training tutorials and insights from all aspects of this glorious lifestyle we all love. Not only does this resource provide the fun info, but covers a lot of the major concerns and new stories we face.

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Black Sex Worker Collective

A philanthropic arts project seeking to amplify the voices of Black Sex Workers by addressing their needs through peer support, legal assistance, housing and other basic needs assessment. Our goal is to create a safe space where the unique experiences and needs of current and former Black Sex Worker voices are validated and responded with appropriate needs based resources.

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A place to connect with dancers who share your passion! Questions and info from your fellow associates from all over the globe with real time answers and genuine experience to get you the info that works for you. Real life experience shared and so much opportunity to network, vent or access information to help you along your journey.

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Ambercutie’s Cam Forum

A fantastic place to not only get real life experience tips from your fellow cam models, but a resource to help with all of the major cam sites! A unique forum that gives honest assistance and real help, all the while providing a fun hang out spot for industry folks to hang out and discuss topics beyond the cam room!

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Adult Model Mentors

Perfect for anyone who wants to break into the industry as an amateur or even the most seasoned veteran looking to expand! This platform provides not only a detailed breakdown of live cam and clip sites ( including their payouts, fees and all that good stuff!) marketing techniques and advice, consultations and a giant list of assorted fetish and kink explanations! This is a particularly handy tool for anyone looking to explore new ventures in sex work (or off cam!)

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Camgirl Toolbox

A cam girl run platform bringing you a fantastic insight into the world of tokens! Loads of help with your equipment, VR tutorials and exciting news all in one friendly place. This resource not only gives you the advantage of having real life cam experience information at your finger tips but also provides a safe place to seek help at any time during your cam journey.

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Cam Model Protection

A DMCA takedown service that offers multiple tiers for any and all creators to choose from! This platform has been used by many creators for many years as an effective and efficient way to keep content safe. Regular updates to your email allow you to see your takedowns and just how far their reach goes. This service can also be gifted to you by your fans!

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Throne is a wonderful alternative to the traditional wishlist! This platform allows you to add items from so many different sites, allows for a tip payout and also keeps all of your information safe and sound! Throne also offers an official discord server for real time questions and answers along with a community feel and chatting. The platform makes the purchase for the elected item on your behalf so all of your shipping information is 100% protected.

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Mutual Aid Resources


SW Mutual Aid Vegas is a fund created by sex workers for use by sex workers. You can apply for financial assistance and be rewarded up to $200 from the mutual aid fund. This is all done in a secure and private way to assure you and your information stay safe!

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Sex Worker Community Response and Mutual Aid Programs (SWOP)

NSWP amplifies the voices of sex worker-led organizations advocating for rights-based services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, freedom from punitive laws, policies and practices, and self-determination for sex workers. NSWP works primarily with sex worker-led regional networks and facilitates sex worker-led capacity building. Their website includes a list of emergencies (pandemic related) and mutual aid funds dedicated to helping sex workers receive financial assistance.

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Sex Worker Group Funding Resources

Red Umbrella Fund

If you are looking to start a group dedicated to helping sex workers, you may be eligible for a grant through Red Umbrella Fund, the first global fund guided by and for sex workers. The fund exists to mobilize resources to help strengthen and sustain the movement in achieving human rights for sex workers.

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