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Setting your goals

In the world of content creation and live streaming, NSFW or otherwise, we all have goals! These goals may be as simple as having fun and levelling up in your game while making new friends; it may be as large as crossing over into the top 10 ranks on the platform for the month!  Whatever your goal is, it is important to stay grounded and realistic in all of your endeavors. That is not to say you can not have big goals, but having a few smaller ones along the way will certainly help propel you into those big dream goals of yours!


When starting, setting small goals for yourself can keep you on track. This is true not only for content creation but everyday life! Gaining 15 new followers on Twitch, and getting four premade videos uploaded in your first month, realistic numbers! Not only does this set you up for success, but sticking to your small goals will let you get used to this brand-new world you have stepped into. It can be very overwhelming signing on and seeing the abundance of already established, large rooms flowing with regulars and participation of all kinds. This takes time and hard work. As fast-paced as this industry can be, it is important to remember not to expect things to just explode because you hit that “Live” button. Setting your goals that are, in all honesty, too big for someone just starting is the fastest way to disappointment. Always shoot for the stars, but always stick to your realistic goals, which will grow more and more over time.


That being said, comparing yourself to others and their accomplishments is also not a great way to boost your confidence. We are all different and all do things our way, Sticking to what YOU want to accomplish is the only comparison you should be worrying about. Reaching your smaller goals will feel amazing. If you achieve above and beyond results, fantastic! Maybe you get 30 new followers during a stream, so having doubled your small goal, next time, you can raise the stakes a bit. Moderate the numbers at your own pace, and if you do not manage to clear a small goal at any point (first try or otherwise), do not let it get you down.


Each day, the online entertainment industry brings new factors. Give yourself a fair chance to clear your goals and be honest with yourself about why you may or may not have cleared them. Over time, you will learn what works for you, and you can adjust your goals accordingly!


Now, having established your smaller short-term goals is a great accomplishment all on its own. However, the real fun begins when you start crushing those long-term, bigger-scale milestones! Perhaps you want to finish top 10% or top 100 rank three times during the next 12 months, get your own website up and running, participate in more contests during the year, or anything you can imagine! This all starts with a plan. Taking a look at the way that your smaller goals are going, what do you feel you can realistically accomplish? Some of these goals may take a lot of extra time, effort, and work. Paying attention to the patterns (this helps with marketing purposes also!) is key in laying out the foundations for your long-term goals. All that being said, your big goals can absolutely change at any point. You have the freedom to add more aspects or even cut back on what you want to do. Sticking to your plan however and keeping yourself on track with whatever level of goal-reaching you want to do is what is going to give you the best chance for success.


Staying organized and focused, knowing that bumps along the way will happen no matter the size of your channel, following, and beyond. There will always be obstacles, do not let this discourage you, it happens to all of us and literally everyone you know in every industry. These obstacles can feel like they have a personal vendetta against you sometimes, especially when your goals are reliant on the support of others, in a nutshell. It is important to remember that the goals we set for ourselves are exactly that. The GOAL. Achieving them in the long run and looking back over all that you have accomplished is the best confidence boost for anyone. You are capable of the things you put your mind to. You can crush your goals and you can succeed! 


The sense of accomplishment we have when we clear our goals is unlike anything else. The best part about it is, that feeling is always there! Every goal, every milestone, and every accomplishment brings such a warm sense of joy. Staying grounded and remembering that each achieved goal took hard work and many times, the support of others. That may be with tips, participation, or other assorted forms of support, but never forget that you and your fans have accomplished something big together. Keeping your expectations of yourself, and others, in a realistic check is often difficult. This is especially true if you have been on an absolute goal-crushing roll. Keeping your momentum up is important but also keep in mind that this industry is a continuous uphill battle, so if you happen to stay still in your journey for any period of time, don’t give up! Keep having fun, remember that every goal met is an achievement and keep that eye on your prize! 

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