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Preparing for a rank run

Many of the platforms we use have a monthly competition based on, in a nutshell, how successful your month was. There can be prizes, perks and more for placing at the top! The platforms typically base their ranking system on money made, some others factor in several points such as profile interactions, views, search results and more. For many, this moment of glory is something that seems to be out of reach. Fear not! If making it to the top is on your to-do list for this year, there are several steps you can take – preparing for a rank run can be fun!


First of all, a rank run month is exhausting. Extra shows, cranking out new content, contests and more! The amount of time and energy you will need to put into the run is indeed great but worth it. The very first step is picking the platform (if you work on multiples.) You want to choose the one with which you feel you have the most “business” interaction and the one you feel the most comfortable. Not only will this make your run more routine for you, but it will give you the best shot to market your intentions ahead of time. This is essential because it gives your members a chance to get excited about it with you and also the time advantage to put some tokens away for that extra boost! It is important to plan ahead and be ready for hiccups. Picking a month with a special occasion (Birthday, cammiversary, etc.) will also make it more fun because it gives you an extra reason to celebrate! Giving rank a run for its money can be a very exciting endeavour for both you and your members!


There are several fun extras you can add to your rank month roster both on cam and off. Having a raffle for various levels of prizes, playing all kinds of games and also incentives for “High tips” and sales. The list goes on! This is, for sure, a time when you are going to want to flex your creative muscles. You can have prizes for the “Biggest offline tip overnight” or longest consecutive private show leaderboard slots. Giving your members recognition for participating in your events is a great way to not only thank them for being there for you but also to draw in new members to the fun! Friendly competition is not only super fun but a very effective way to engage your members. You can also release new videos based on climbing the ladder. “Newest big anal video will be released if we breach the top 20 tonight!” and endless assorted other options. It is important to take each part of the rank system piece by piece. It will take a lot of work to climb to the top, so take it bit by bit. The differential between ranks is much smaller at the beginning of the month, so that is the time to encourage participation. This will leave your members invested and excited to help you climb through the month. That being said, keeping your momentum up throughout the duration is crucial to keep people interested. Believe in yourself!

The middle of the month is more about maintaining rank if you are having trouble climbing farther up (or if you are currently in the running for the #1 spot, props to you!) But keeping the momentum up before that final push at the end is key to keeping your crowd happy and coming back for more. They will (at least they SHOULD) understand that you will be extra stretched this month, so members, remember to excuse those little brain farts if we have them; we are trying! However, the end-of-the-month push is where it really comes down to the wire. This is the heat of the competition, and occasionally, you will have models trying to sabotage other models or pull some kind of scam. It is important to stay out of that lane as much as possible. Minding your own business and focusing on what you are doing will irritate those trying to take your spot and show your members that you are invested only in them and what you are doing rather than petty nonsense. They will appreciate this, which will be much less stressful for you. Be ready to pull out the big toys, prizes and fun towards the end of the month to go out with a bang!

With all the work and preparation that will go into a rank run, you may find yourself falling short of the actual goal you have. This is ok! If you do not succeed in your journey to make it to the top, your efforts to climb to the top will undoubtedly bring you a lot of success either way. If your #1 goal is either just out of reach or you are sitting nicely in the top 100 list, you still put forth a valiant effort and gave your members the time of their life. You almost certainly will have exceeded your regular monthly numbers in the monetary sense, interactions and other statistics. It is tough not to feel discouraged if you have a slower day or aren’t climbing as fast as you thought. This is normal. I know that feeling and that hearing “It’s going to be ok” doesn’t remedy that feeling. However, it is important to remember to believe in yourself and that doing your best will result in a lot of positivity for you even if you don’t reach your goal. This will also prepare you for future runs and give you a better structure for your “regular” months. There really is no downside to a rank run other than physical exhaustion. Keep your head up, keep your eye on the prize and do your best! You will thank yourself for the hard work you put in, and you will have a lot of fun while doing it! 



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