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Having a group of regulars when it comes to live cam is an amazing thing. Participating in games, contests and all the fun activities we do during our shows, getting other people in the room involved, and so much more. Your regulars will make your cam room an even more fun and inclusive environment than you can do on your own. Often, many of these members become good friends with not only us but each other! Through your cam career, your group of regulars will fluctuate, the dynamics will change, and it will all grow with your ever-changing experience. Just like your life outside of the cam room, the relationships you have with them will all be individual, but a part of a wonderful group, and each will bring something special to the table! This has, time and time again, been one of my absolute favorite aspects of my NSFW run, and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime!


Gaining a group of regulars of course takes time, it will change, it will grow and it will continue to amaze you. The friendships that you make with your cam room crew will be something that you will never forget! When you see your members coming together to participate in your events, they make teams, they work together, it’s a wonderful feeling! The happiest times I’ve had in my cam room were all about goofing around with my regulars; I can only hope that every single cam model can experience that feeling! One of the major benefits, other than the actual friendships that a group of regulars will bring, is the sense of community to your individual cam room, and that draws people in. It will bring more and more new members into the mix. People like to be involved, they like to belong, and they like to feel that connection with not only you BUT your regular group as well. Never underestimate the power of friendship. This keeps members coming back for more and is a very handy tool to add to your arsenal, not to mention the amount of fun you will all have!


On a more individual matter, managing a group of regulars outside the live cam show can be very time-consuming, BUT learning to balance the attention will make this task much easier. This includes regulars from more individualized platforms, including pay-per-minute pay-per-text platforms, private show lovers and any other type of fan who prefers a more personal approach. Keep in mind that these members still crave that personal attention and relationship, whatever that means to them. Getting to know your regulars and remembering their own personal brand of needs will be the key to success. Many platforms have a feature to make notes on each member. Use that tool! Writing down what people like, what they don’t or if you know anything specific about them will make interacting with each on an intimate level much easier. Having the information written down instead of trying to draw from your own memory will also take the guessing game out of it for you. Not only will your members feel special because you recognize them and their individual needs, but it will strengthen the friendship and the bond which keeps them coming back time and time again.


Some of our truest friendships, especially these days, are made online. This is no different. Giving them the attention they deserve as a paying, regular member who continues to support you and your journey will make all the difference in the world. Time management is the other part of this. Keeping in mind that you have your own schedule of everyday things you need to keep up with, it is ok to keep “business hours” and stick to your guns on it to make sure you don’t get burnt out. There is nothing saying you can’t have fun interaction with your members outside of those hours and build on those inside jokes, but remember that when you are not “on-stage” that it is ok to put the phone down and give yourself some time away from the screen. Your true members who value you and your brand will understand this. You are not a robot, and you need away time just as much as the next person. 


Just like your friend group in your personal life, you will gain and lose regulars over time. This is normal. Sometimes people need a change of scenery, sometimes people take a break from the platform all together. The reason you may lose a regular or the group changes altogether varies greatly. Never forget we are all people, and we all have our own reasons for doing what we do. Sometimes members will come back after a hiatus and remember how much the community means to them, some move on from the platform all together. Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that just because your group of regulars has changed, it doesn’t mean that it is because of anything bad or that you weren’t doing your part. All in all, the bonds that you make with your regular crew are special. Individually and in a group setting, it is important to remember that having real, genuine fun with them is one of the many joys of the NSFW world. This kind of environment gives people a real chance to be exactly who they are, and you have a front-row seat to that greatness. Embrace it, be yourself and enjoy the bonds you make with them. When you have bad days either on cam or IRL, your group of regulars can be that support system you need to bounce back and have fun!

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