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Living rent free in people’s minds

The ability to stay put in someone’s mind after the show is over is an exponentially important tool to possess. This is essentially the best free marketing technique that you can have! Adding a little personal touch, not always giving a generic answer, or something as simple as using someone’s name can make a gigantic impact on a person in all scenarios. This will make you stand out from the crowd and, as always, keep people coming back for more! With time and practice, you will find what works for you. Using a traditional marketing strategy is always helpful, but leaving it at just that will sink you into the over-saturated pool. Be your brand. Let your personality shine through. People are naturally curious; give them something to be curious about!


Using someone’s name seems like a simple thing, but it makes a big impact. In the sea of “Baby” and “Sweetie”, hearing your own name is a refreshing change. This is a very easy thing to do; it gives you the advantage over the majority who only care to acknowledge the presence of a person but not THE person individually. If you have people who are frequenting your live streams, learning their names and paying attention to the details is a game changer. Do they have a hobby they love? Ask questions about it! Letting them teach you shows you are not only interested in learning about something they love, but it lets them slide into their comfort zone.  Another helpful tip I have learned to be very useful over the years is I never delete my message threads. The reason for this is that if someone who hasn’t been around for a little while comes back, I can read back and “remember” what it is they are into. Members will appreciate not only that you know who they are and that you have talked to them but that you know exactly what they like. This creates a lasting impression that will keep them happy and lead them to come back time and time again. Adding a little personal touch to your interactions will make you stand out amongst the crowd and also shows your members that you are approachable.


Everyone is different, paying attention to the individual qualities matters and will mean a lot to your members. If you get to know a member, and maybe you notice that someone really hates being complimented, tie compliments into a conversation and give them “an out” instead of putting the spotlight on them. For example, instead of saying, “You are so great!” say, “You are such a great guy; thank you for making me feel so special today!” The deer-in-headlights response is no longer needed because they can just say, “You’re welcome”. This will keep them comfortable and feeling good, which, of course, will make them want to stick around! When someone feels comfortable with you, the chances of you standing out to them are exponentially higher. Paying attention to the kind of people your members are individually does take some extra brain power, but it is absolutely worth it. Members who feel they are included, welcomed and appreciated individually in a cam room ( or any other kind of platform you use) will not only keep coming back but find new ways to help out! They will participate in contests, games and any other activities you come up with. All of this ties in to creating a fun environment that people want to be a part of.


A more tactical way to keep you fresh in the mind without you even having to be present all the time lies within your content. Yes, great content will bring you business and clients, but the key is to keep a steady flow of new content launching on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you have to upload a new video every week, but utilizing a “Schedule my post” feature that so many of the platforms we usually provide will let your work continue to work for you and give your members something to look forward to. Similarly, video bundles or picture packs will give your members a chance to support you when you are offline. Not grouping all of your content into one big bundle can also be beneficial because it not only gives members cheaper options if they aren’t ready to plunge into the big purchases but also brings them back for the next bundle time and time again. This also applies to single-sale videos and other instant-access types of content. Single sale or small bundle packages will, over time, bring you more revenue in the long run as well because it gives more people the opportunity to support what you are doing! Having an all-inclusive bundle is not a bad idea, but after that big purchase, they now have less reason to come back to seek out new items, at least not for some time until you build up a whole new package deal with new content. Keep them always wanting more!


Letting your members get to know you on whatever level of personal you choose is not only helpful but creates a genuine sense of friendship for you and your members. That being said, sharing what you are all about is completely up to you, but letting your members know about some of your hobbies or interests gives them a harmless look into who you are. Getting to know you is a common reason people come back to your cam room. Community and friendship are a huge part of the streaming world NSFW or otherwise. An added bonus for your members, on top of getting to know you and keeping up with your creation journey, is making friends with other members! This might seem irrelevant to living rent-free in people’s minds, but it is exactly the opposite. When your fans band together for games, goals or even regular chit chat they become a spectacular marketing tool while having fun! Interacting with your social media posts is a great example of this. Posting on your “I’m live!” tweet with inside jokes, competitive contest excitement or even just a friendly hello will not only get them excited about the stream but will draw in more curious eyes as well! Becoming a fun staple in the routines of your members is not only a comfortable muse for them but an absolute blast for you!