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For the members: How to purchase custom content

The world of content creation is amazing. As a creator myself, I have come to love my little corner of the internet and all that visit it. The focus is on the creator most of the time (or all of the time) when it comes to resources, how-to articles, and the platforms we work on. This makes sense for many reasons, but what about the other major puzzle piece? We, as creators, are only half of the equation. Enter members! The consumers of our products, the target audience, and the ones that make this kind of work possible, in all honesty. There is no real resource out there that gives any insight into that side of the coin. How do I avoid getting scammed? How do I find what I am looking for? What behavior is okay and what isn’t? Fear not, members! Get ready for a crash course on the world of content consumption! Let’s dive into how to purchase custom content! 


There are always a million options when it comes to this kind of “shopping”. What do I want? Live shows? Custom content? Reels? The list goes on. When it comes to finding the type of content you like and assuming you already have an idea of where you would like to begin, the next step is picking a platform! You can frequent multiple platforms, stick with one you love or mix it up occasionally. It all depends on what you want! Browsing different platforms will open your eyes to many new kinds of products you never thought possible and provide you with the variety we all look for in entertainment.

If you are newer to the game and don’t know exactly what you want, check out live cams. Why? Live cam provides the opportunity to get to know creators in a very unique way. The other bonus perk to live cams is when you find a creator you enjoy, and the chances are high that they use other platforms (Like RedGIFs) that you can also explore! This might sound obvious to some, but before I entered the industry, I had no idea how interactive it could be. Finding the people and places you like to spend your time on is a fun part of the journey, so make sure to explore and enjoy! It’s all part of the fun!


Trying to navigate the platform/creator Milky Way can be overwhelming. Many more questions can arise once you find a direction you want to wander in. The question I get asked the most from members is, “How do I avoid getting scammed?” The short answer here is similar to the advice I give creators. Use verified platforms for purchases. Many of these platforms offer an escrow program for custom content, protecting you and the creator, not to mention there is typically a support staff on hand that can assist you if you run into an issue. The other benefit is knowing you are buying from the correct person, not a catfish.

I’ve had people pretend to be me on multiple platforms and scam people out of money. The easiest way to determine if someone is the creator and not an imposter is to message them directly on the verified platforms they use. Never assume that just because someone has the same name, they are indeed who they say they are.


Another question I often get asked about content is, “How do I order custom content?” or “What can I ask for?” This will vary from creator to creator. However, a polite approach while asking is the best place to start. Seriously, ask questions to ensure you are investing in a product you want. Staying respectful when discussing terms is essential. If a creator declines a detail or a task you want, pressuring them to perform the act will make you look like a jerk and not work. In the nicest way I can say this, do NOT dangle money in front of a creator to get them to say yes to things they don’t want to do. You will not end up with what you want, and you are better off finding a creator who agrees with the details or actions you want in the first place.


On the more wholesome side, our members can sometimes turn into great friends, as I have discussed before. Some members I have had since day one (going on a decade at this point; I love you guys the most!). The amount of appreciation, respect and love I have for my members is incalculable. Of course, every situation and person is different, but speaking for most of the creators I know, we love to hang out with you when we are live, we love to hear about you, we love forming these friendships with a million inside jokes and gags (bonus points if you know what “KDSN” means!) that make us all laugh and smile. That being said, it is ever so important to remember that not all creators will want to share certain information or parts of themselves with you. It is normal to want to know about a creator and ask questions, but please be respectful when we are declining to answer. The simple answer is that we are protecting ourselves. Please do not take that personally.

At the end of the day, we greatly appreciate our members for many reasons; we try to show that individually when possible. That being said, we also have lives outside of this world, just like you do. We might not always respond to messages right away. We may have to postpone a show or change things up for one reason or another. Like you, many of us do this in our free time. Try to remember that. Please know that we do appreciate all of you. This kind of work wouldn’t be possible without you. So, for all the members out there reading this, thank you. Thank you for being there for us and our craft, for all of the support, and most importantly, for continuing to enjoy this wonderful world we are all a part of! 

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