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Introducing: The RedGIFs Twitter Network

The RedGIFs Twitter Network consists, currently, of the following accounts:

@RedGIFsOfficial@RGAmateur@RGBDSM@RGRealCouples@RGF2M@RGThick@RGM2F@RGBlowjobs@RGFetish, @RGLesbian,  @RGGayContent, @RGFemaleSolo, @RGStudioContent, @RGVerticalGIFs, @RG_GroupSex

We wanted to provide FREE & TARGETED PROMO for the incredible RedGIFs community. So, we set about creating a network of Twitter accounts to do exactly that. We also have plans to extend the network and any suggestions for niches we’re missing can be DM’d to @RG_Creators.

Speaking of @RG_Creators, that’s our Creator specific support account. DMs are open for Promo requests from the network. Please include your RedGIFs profile, and link any content you’d like us to post. Advising on the best niches for you can also help us ensure we target lovers of the exact content you produce!

Back to the networks. We realise that promotion for Creators can be difficult. With Social Network shadowbans and the continued targeting of NSFW creators, we wanted to ensure that Creators of all sizes had access to free promo. Our commitment is, and always will be, to adult content creators and our Twitter network is just one way we are displaying that loyalty. There’s plenty more on the way!

Additionally, we’d like to shout out Sex Work CEO, aka Mel Rose Michaels, who manages our Twitter Network, continuing our ethos of hiring creators and performers from within our industry. Melrose commented:

“SexWorkCEO is entering this new era as a company where we assist industry giants in how they can better serve creators via social,” said Michaels. “Having the ability to run a promotional network in favor of creators, with entirely creator oversight, means we remove a lot of the red tape we’ve dealt with in the past. My experience working alongside RedGIFs in their [online] courses, and now in this new collaboration, has been incredibly exciting. They are setting a new tone in our space and other adult companies are starting to understand why working with creators is of the utmost importance.”