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Free content as a Marketing tool

When it comes to the internet and content, there is literally no limit to the amount you can find. The constant consumption of content across the World Wide Web is such a regular part of our everyday lives that most of us can’t remember what the world was like before instant entertainment! Although this is a wonderful thing (moderation, people, you know what I mean), it can raise questions on the selling side of content creation. Do I make some content free? Why would anyone buy anything if so much free content exists? How can I compete with all of the free content already available? The list goes on. This can be a scary collection of things having over our heads at times. The good news is that even with all of the free content out there, there is no shortage of consumers ready and willing to purchase content they want. 


Now, when it comes to having both free and paid content, it’s all about balance! You may be thinking, “But Kitty, why would I put my content out there for free when I am trying to make money?”. I understand this question and regularly go back and forth on the answer. However, it is a necessary move to make. Having some free content out there beyond your 30-second teaser clips will help draw in new customers and members and help them decide if or what they want to purchase. It can also inspire them to buy content from you that they might not have thought about previously! Let people window shop. We all do it! I don’t know about you, but I always have many items in my cart saved for later. 


You want to give members a chance to explore, which will bring you far more business both in the short and long term. Balancing the amount of free and paid content can be very easy! Putting full-length free videos on the tube sites you use (and make ad revenue on!) will make you money while also working as an advertising tool for your paid content or even live shows. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to put all of your videos out there by any means. You can have some full-length, some shortened teaser clips, and, of course, some that are not offered for free but offer a very short preview created by the platform you are using. Setting your content up this way will keep people interested and returning for more. They will want to know what your paid content is like. Give them that little glimpse! 


On the other hand, creating content specifically for your free sites is a fantastic marketing tool; honestly, it takes the pressure off a little bit when filming, which makes it a lot more fun! If you create a video that, for example, turns out fantastic, and you can’t decide if you want it to be free, a teaser or fully paid, you can use your options and change them up if you choose to! Posting the video for free for a month before putting it behind a paywall is a nice little teaser option that gives people the full experience while reminding them that you have many more goodies for them to ogle. Amongst all of this, it also lessens the amount of “Send bobs BB” that will be parked in your DMs. It won’t stop it altogether, but it does reduce the load! People strictly looking for free content are still helping to support you when they venture into your territory. Views, comments, and additions to playlists help with many things, such as rank (not all platforms use a ranking system, though), which is very beneficial for many reasons! For example, the higher your rank on your favourite platform, the more visibility you will get. Of course, this will only increase your traffic and sales!


Another benefit to having some content out there for free, other than the promotional marketing aspect, is that it allows any potential production companies you may want to work with in the future to see what you are all about! You may wish to go in a different direction than this, but for many, it is the goal. The recruiters can see that you are indeed serious about doing this kind of work and get an idea of your style. This is one of many ways to get in with a professional production company, but it does make it easier when you have something to show for yourself and already have an established brand of your own. This is also the case for collaborations with other creators. Think about it! How often do we get messages looking to collaborate with us, and the profile has nothing to offer?

No one will take a collaboration inquiry seriously if they can not; at the very least, check out some pre-made content. It just makes sense. Would you book a hotel if the only information you could see prior was the address? No, and this is no different. Balancing your free and paid content however you like will work out for you, and you will find that perfect balance with time and practice. Have fun with the tease, and keep that naughty fun rolling!

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