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What kind of content should I create?

There is plenty of questions being asked when it comes to becoming a content creator. You can find endless “How-to” articles around the internet, but when you are starting out, this can be extremely overwhelming. “What platforms should I use or avoid? Why? How much should I charge?”. However, the question I am asked the most is, “What kind of content should I create?” Now, at first glance, this question seems like a simple one, but in reality, with all of the possibilities we have in front of us, it is impossible to truly answer. As far as trends go, these aren’t always the best direction to go in either (not saying you shouldn’t just have realistic expectations!). For every viral video you have seen, there are thousands just like it begging to be watched. Just because something is popular right this moment doesn’t mean you need to jump on that bandwagon. The hardest part is deciding, but incidentally, it’s also the easiest! There is a vast pool to dive into, whether it’s NSFW, YouTube tutorials, Cosplay, or otherwise. The best way to acclimate to the water is to slap those floaties on and stick a toe in!


Make what you like! That is the best but also the most useless answer anyone can get. I am guilty of relaying this message myself, yes. However, I make it a point to elaborate as it is not that simple! What do you enjoy watching? Doing? Fantasizing about? Picking what kind of content to make, at least at first, should stem from what you already know and enjoy. Once you become more versed in the content creation world, it will be significantly easier to branch out into different areas and explore. Stepping in front of the camera, in the beginning, is a stressful endeavor no matter how excited you are about it, so adding the question of “Am I doing this right?” can take you from butterflies in the stomach to a deer in headlights, and no one needs that! Take the guessing game out of it by making content that is based on things you already know about rather than “what will get me the most views.” Sure, it is very beneficial to do some research into the highest-rated categories, but it is far more critical that you don’t start out by making something that will end up looking and sounding like you are working off of a script. It will show in your video if you are simply saying words that you don’t actually understand, or you’re trying to remember all the components.


Next, you want to think about the type of content. Tutorials? Photos? For your viewing pleasure? No matter what sector of the internet you are in, this question can be a tough but fun one to dive into. Some of these pair well with other types (videos and photos, for example), while others, you may only need a thumbnail photo, I stress, of a promotional one (hello, YouTube tutorials!) you may not want to do videos at all! Perhaps erotica or fan fiction is your cup of tea, maybe audio recordings. There are many possibilities! As you go along, it’s fun to try all the different kinds of content you can make to broaden your reach across the web, but when starting out, picking one or two will let you dip your toe in without it being overwhelming. This will also influence which platforms you work with, as they do not offer the same tools. Do your research, and if what you want to create requires any editing, you will want to familiarize yourself with whatever software you are using. It will be much easier to handle if you don’t go into it blind.


At the end of the day, answering the question of “What type of content should I create” is completely up to you. Taking advice from others to influence what you do is perfectly fine, but you want to make sure you stay comfortable in what you are doing. It also goes without saying that you will get a lot of advice you don’t need (or want…but that is a conversation for another day!), and you can take as much or as little of it as you like. Ask questions, gather information, and with all the proper ingredients, you will form the perfect concoction of content for you! Something that works for one may not quite work for another, which is ok! Need some inspiration? Shop around! Check out the content you are interested in making. This can give you a lot of motivation and confidence when you start making your own. Remember, it’s not about creating content that is exactly the same as the highest rated/viewed on the whole platform, do what you like with your own original twist and let your light shine through. For every viral piece, you know there are thousands of other works just like it. Keep it fun, keep it motivated, and keep it your own!