photo of USA dollar bill used in microtransactions


One of the biggest misconceptions about content creation (NSFW or otherwise!) is that it is easy and forever fruitful. The fact that you have to maintain momentum with your creation and put the work in is the behind the scenes side to this world that few people get a look into prior to diving in. The world we live in today is full of uncertainty in many areas of our lives. One of those, of course, is finances, and this isn’t exclusive to the creators of the world. The work we do often comes with a lot of financial concern, this is typical for anyone who is relying on not only themselves to put the work in, but also the members and fans actually buying the product. Doing the work upfront and hoping to have a payday is anxiety-provoking and can hinder your creating energy, but setting yourself up a microtransaction system that works for you can take a lot of that negative energy away!


It is easier to find 100 people to tip you $5 than it is to find 5 people to tip $100, no matter the product you are offering. With the financial world very much up in the air, having cheaper options for your fans is a great way to stay in business and also gives them the chance to stay supportive. Video games are a perfect example to prove that microtransactions not only work but keep people coming back for more. It’s easy for people to justify spending a couple of bucks here, .99c there and so on.


It all adds up! The more consistent flow of micro-transaction purchases also helps to ease the anxiety about goal reaching that many people have. Pay-per-minute/pay-per-text platforms also offer a fun (and cheap!) way for your members to have some private time with you for as long or as little as they like! Giving your members the chance to have a little taste of your products will not only keep them happy but also keep them coming back for more in an ever-changing world. Be the constant for yourself and your members; you have the control to manage your pricing and your products to keep yourself producing even through questionable times.


Deciding to give yourself this gift is one of the better things you can do for yourself at any point in your journey. Working it into your already packed schedule can be difficult, but it is well worth it in the end. When you start the process it can seem at first that it will take up far too much of your time, uploading and updating all of your back stock of content is a time consuming effort that can be a little overwhelming. The easiest way to do this if you are starting from scratch is to make a “to-do” list of all of your “Products” and go down the list a little at a time. Upload each premade video at a time to each platform, tag it, title it and launch it before crossing it off. This is also great for mass uploads, as most platforms allow you to schedule posts! Working on the list a little bit at a time takes the stress off and also allows you to organize your storage process for your instant access items. Keeping all of your microtransaction content handy and organized will also make it easier to start on a new platform when you are expanding. Not having to chase down files will make setting up a new profile so much easier and give you a leg up to achieve an established profile that is ready for launch!


The setup for this does take a little extra time and effort on your part at first. Once you have developed a routine with this, it will become much easier, and you will have all of your bases covered. Uploading your premade for-sale content, amongst other instant access items to multiple platforms, gives so many more people a chance to experience your greatness! Manyvids, for example, is a wonderful all-inclusive site that gives you many tools and features to utilize. Premade videos, subscription-based feeds, live camming, and so much more all in one place. Having recently branched out to all kinds of creators on top of maintaining the level of care NSFW creators want has provided so many more opportunities to grow your brand and make a long-lasting system to keep you going. There are many clip sites to add to the lineup, such as iWantClips, Clips4Sale and many more. Just like you, your members have their favorite platforms they like to frequent. Giving a variety of platforms to choose from is not something you should overlook.


Creating a system that continues to work for you even when you aren’t sitting in front of the computer is one of the most beneficial tools you can have. Having subscription-based services, premade content and other “Stocking stuffers” available for purchase on verified platforms gives your members a chance to browse whenever they are in the mood without having to wait for a response. Instant purchase and availability not only make you money but, with auto-marketing features a lot of platforms provide, will draw in new eyes to your profile. A lot of platforms will feature recently purchased items in a feed on the site or utilize auto-tweets to shout out new sales! These are guaranteed to bring you new business and also alert your loyal fans to new products and content! Making sure that you have all of your tools set up to work for you with each platform is the best way to have your hard work pay off for you without any additional effort on your part after the upload.