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How to Reddit – A beginners guide for adult models (Part 2)


In my first post about Reddit, I talked about the basics of Reddit: your user account, what subreddits are, the importance of “karma”, and how to promote your Reddit account. Building upon these basics, in this post, I will talk about how to post to subreddits, verification and what to keep in mind when promoting yourself on Reddit.


When posting to subreddits that fit your particular niche, you cannot post directly to the subreddit. Your image or gif needs to be hosted elsewhere (e.g., RedGIFs!), so you always use a link to the content and do not post directly. For a lot of the subreddits, you also need to be “verified” by the subreddit moderators to post. Although verification processes vary, they generally include submitting specific images and a piece of paper that includes the name of the subreddit and your user handle.

Providing images of ourselves to literal strangers is obviously questionable for a lot of people, but especially for those of us in the adult industry. Images are part of our work and are valuable security tools. This is exactly why subreddits will ask for verification before allowing you to post to them. Unfortunately, there are people who will try to post content without the model’s consent, and this is a way that moderators try to manage what is posted on their subreddits. There are also many bots (automated accounts) that try to post to subreddits, and we all know there is nothing more annoying than seeing bots everywhere. Verified content is quality content. 

As subreddits can be very specific niche-wise, the moderators also want to make sure you are suitable for their accounts. If an account is for big feet content, for example, they want to make sure that those postings have big feet! Verification may seem cumbersome, and even after providing all your documentation, you may not be accepted. Many subreddits also have a minimum “karma” for those who post to stop bots from posting to them. The subreddits will not provide their minimum “karma” requirements because this can change. If there is more traffic to the subreddit and more bots around, moderators will increase the “karma” requirement to try and circumvent this behaviour.

In short, don’t take the need for verification and minimum requirements personally; they are simply part of subreddit housekeeping.


Abiding by the rules of the subreddits is important; as someone who has been banned from subreddits due to pushing the boundaries, I know this all too well! Some of the subreddits are enormous (millions of members and thousands of people active on them at certain times), and the rules are there to keep order. You may feel some of them are unfair or biased, but that is the beauty of Reddit being a community-driven platform. It reflects the needs of the users, and if you don’t like what a particular subreddit is doing, consider creating your own.


Be mindful that a lot of the subreddits do not tolerate selling by their contributors or openly promoting your content. You may argue that the reason you are there is to build your business, and not being open about what you do is counterintuitive. You may feel like you are wasting your time building your account there.

I can understand subreddits that do not want their pages to look like billboards for models; on the internet, we are lambasting by advertising EVERYWHERE. Remember, Reddit is a great tool for building your brand and SEO (more on that in a future post), and buyers do use it. Our industry thrives on relationships, and building relationships by replying to commenters, commenting on other posts, and engaging with your audience is the key to longevity and success.

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades.