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How to Reddit – A beginners guide for adult models (Part 1)


As an adult model, Reddit can be really overwhelming! It is different from other social media sites and online communities, so not knowing where to start may have you feeling like you don’t want to start at all. Lylli has written a post on subreddits and how to upload to the site, but here are some additional things I have learned in my journey on Reddit that I hope will help you, too.


Your user account (with the URL starting with “”) is like the user account you have with other social media platforms. You can post photos, videos, gifs, etc, on your user account and have information such as your bio and other social media links. If you have consent from everyone you post on your account, there are no restrictions on what you can post, unlike other social media. However, always check the Reddit Terms of Service (ToS), especially if you make content which is controversial on other platforms. As ToS can change at any time, it is a good idea to keep up to date with these rules to ensure you are posting within guidelines.

Everything you post will have the option for users to upvote, downvote and comment on it. Upvotes, downvotes and comments all contribute to the amount of “karma” you accrue on Reddit. More posts and more comments equals more “karma”. “Karma” shows how active you are on Reddit and if you have a reputable account. Reddit uses “karma” to encourage engagement, so always respond to comments on your posts in a way that encourages more conversation and, therefore, more “karma”!

posting to subreddits

“Karma” is especially important when it comes to posting to subreddits. Posting to subreddits is the way to get more followers and more “karma” for your user account. However, it is a Catch-22 situation: You gain “karma” by posting to popular subreddits, but you also need “karma” to post to popular subreddits.

As Lylli explained, a subreddit is a community of people who are interested in a particular theme or topic. Users follow the subreddit and can upvote, downvote and comment on posts. You can search the endless NSFW subreddits that are on Reddit for those you are interested in or that fit with your content niche. The subreddits are moderated by other Reddit users, which means they create the rules for members of the subreddit and those who want to post to it to follow. You can find these rules on the right-hand side of the subreddit (when viewing on PC).

Most of the popular NSFW subreddits have strict rules for adult models to follow. These rules can include no selling or advertising, no obnoxious watermarks and a minimum amount of “karma” or having to verify before posting. Most subreddits that have a minimum “karma” don’t advertise the amount, as it can change depending on the amount of bots active on the platform. There have been subreddits I have been able to post to, and then the minimum “karma” changes, and I am unable to post again.

promoting your Reddit account

You may be thinking, “This sounds like a lot of work,” and you are correct; verifying, building your “karma,” and engaging with your audience on Reddit takes time and energy. However, it is an untapped resource of fans and customers, and lots of people use it to view NSFW content.

Your Reddit can be promoted on other social media platforms and clip sites and fansites you already regularly post to. By joining and getting verified on smaller subreddits, this will help you build “karma” so you can join the bigger subreddits. It takes consistency, thinking carefully about which subreddits fit your content niche best, and creating content that can be posted in rule-based spaces.

This is a really quick overview of Reddit, and there is definitely more that can be said. In the next post, I will talk more about subreddit etiquette, verification and promoting your user account thoughtfully.

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades.