multiple models standing next to each other

Multiple model accounts: Making it work for you

Have you seen models having multiple accounts on sites hosting their adult content? Or have you noticed models having accounts on multiple sites and wondered how that works? In this piece, I will talk about how spreading your content around can help build your business and how creating and maintaining multiple accounts on the same platform can diversify your audience.

why having your content on multiple sites is a must

Although managing updates and keeping in contact with your fans and customers is easier if you only have one site to deal with, I liken it to being an egg farmer who only has one chicken. If something happens to your one chicken and it can’t produce eggs for you (ie it is sick, or needs a break or disappears completely in the middle of the night), then you are in a world of trouble. Similarly, if you have all your content on one site only; if that site breaks down (as it can in a multitude of ways) or goes down completely (as we saw in December 2020 when VISA and Mastercard blocked the use of their cards on Pornhub), you do not want to be starting from scratch.

Having your content for sale on multiple sites not only protects you if your proverbial chicken escapes in the night but also boosts your visibility overall. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to being seen on the internet, and having your name in more places powers up that key. SEO itself is a huge topic, and to be fair, it is one that deserves its own blog post!

When marketing your content, keep the online behaviour of your fans and target audience at the forefront of your mind. While some people are committed to buying all their content from one site and one site only, customers are usually a bit more flexible and will move between sites, having member accounts on multiple platforms. Having your content in more than one place will pick up those people who use only one site but also those who move between sites.

different accounts for different content

In a previous piece, I talked about how if your look or style changes significantly, you may wish to consider a re-brand. In this situation, if you are comfortable doing so, there is no issue in keeping your old content and creating a new account for your updated content. Different sites have different rules around this so it is important to check what they will allow. Some sites also have “model” and “producer” options for adult content creator accounts, so a single creator can have both a “model” and “producer” account.

Once you have been making content for a while, you will probably see that it starts to fall into different niches, particularly if you create fetish material. When this happens, it can be helpful to have different accounts for your different content so that you can find and keep your target audience. For example, making an account for your foot fetish content that is separate from your mainstream content will hone in on those who are looking for that content.

some additional things to consider

As well as specific site rules regarding multiple accounts, there are a few other things to keep in mind. If you are not updating your account regularly with new content, some sites will archive your material, or it will not be as visible. There are different ways to keep your account fresh, but this is dependent on the specific site. In my piece on repurposing content, there are some suggestions about making the most out of each piece of content that may help with this issue.

Some sites really want you to be exclusive to them, and there may come a point where you have an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for a particular platform. In this instance, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of such an opportunity, including appropriate remuneration for having all your eggs in one basket.

In summary, having multiple sites where your content can be bought is not only a safeguard but also helps to find and keep a diverse group of fans. Multiple accounts focussing on different content can help find your target audience, but can also house content which is still valuable, even if your brand changes.

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades.