photo of desk with website open on laptop

Why you need a Website and how to get started


Building and maintaining your own website may sound daunting, scary and completely out of your reach. I understand. I have been there! Let’s talk about how to get started and why it is more important than ever that you have your own website.


If you do not have your own website right now, you are more than likely using social media to promote yourself and build your business. You may also be using a service such as Linktree or AllMyLinks to have a place for your fans or potential customers to get access to all your web-based services, platforms, and content.

The problem is that social media access for adult content creators is dependent upon the companies that run these sites to allow us to use them. With the introduction of US legislation such as SESTA/FOSTA, websites have had no choice but to clamp down on adult content to avoid legal action. Since 2018, this has resulted in not only increased censorship of adult content but increased de-platforming of sex workers, meaning removing our access to social media and other web-based services.

The issue of de-platforming and censoring adult content creators is deserving of its own blog post, but having your own website is one way to avoid losing your presence on the internet. In the first instance, think of using your website like your own Linktree or AllMyLinks; it can literally be that basic!


The very first step is to get yourself a domain name, which is basically the address of your website. You can secure your domain name through a range of different sites (internet search is your friend here), and you will need to renew your “ownership” of the domain name regularly. Some renewals are annual or bi-annual, and the cost varies on the provider. An additional cost for your domain name may be privacy cover. When you secure your domain name, your details are added to the WHOIS ICANN registry. Government regulations require that site owner details are recorded (including name, address and phone number), and these are publicly available unless you ensure you have a privacy cover. Some domain name companies will do this for free; others, you may need to pay a fee. This is a non-negotiable; protect your privacy!

Even if you do nothing with it, you can secure your domain name for when you are ready to start building your site. I personally had mine for years before I launched my site.


Separate from domain names, this is where your website is hosted, where it “lives” on the internet. For those of us in this industry, this is the trickiest part, as your internet host must be sex work-friendly. This can be checked in their Terms of Service or by asking their customer support. There are several adult industry-friendly website hosting companies out there, and it is just a case of doing your research. Hosting will cost you a monthly charge but can also be purchased in bulk packages. Each company does this differently and offers a range of additional services with their hosting. These services include help with building your site and technical support.

So, hopefully, I have convinced you that you can (and should) have your own site. You have got your domain name and worked out where you want to host your site… what now? Stay tuned for a post on priorities for your new site!

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades.