Why many people fail within the first year

The first time you sign on live, the first massive tip, the first “I love your content!” It is all exhilarating. These are the moments you will never forget, and they are the fuel to the fire that is the world of cam. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many people, even those who start off in the industry with a bang, will not make it past the first year or so. There are several reasons for this, depending on the person. This isn’t to say that people don’t take breaks and return to it occasionally because they do! However, I mean specifically those who simply rage quit having not had the steady results they thought they would. People leave the industry for many reasons, and that is ok! But in an attempt to salvage the cam careers of those who want to keep this hobby up for the long haul, these are the top reasons why many people fail within the first year that you need to consider.

The initial excitement can fade in and out. That’s right! That “New model status” will keep you afloat for only so long before the novelty wears off. This is why it is essential to remember not to take a slow day on cam as discouragement. The first time you have one of these dreaded days is daunting, to say the least. You prepare a fun show with games, prizes, and nine yards. You go into it with a positive attitude, ready to have fun! Turns out, the crowd doesn’t rally around you quite as much as they have been or is simply smaller all together. This, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun during the show, but you may not get the results you anticipated. Slow days on cam happen to all of us, even the top models! The problem is that when you start having several of these in a row or more frequently, you can feel very discouraged and down. Am I doing something wrong? Do they not like me? Is this right for me?

Perhaps you spent an entire month planning a big event. Marketing and promoting, getting people excited about it and all the rest. Perhaps it just so happens that the event you have planned is in the month of December, the winter slump takes hold, you do not see the results of your hard work pay off. This is frustrating and upsetting. When just starting out, at face value it truly does appear that just because you have signed on that your cam room will be flooded with members ready to open their wallets. The harsh truth of it all is that, frequently, that is not the case. Paying attention to patterns, slow times and honestly what is working and what isn’t is the make or break here. Staying positive even through the slumps will not only propel you forward when things pick back up again, but keep your members who are still coming out to support you with you through the long run. 


Many people will take this series of slumps as more of a failure rather than statistics. It is very hard not to take it personally, I understand that and I know I am not the only one. This is one of the major reasons why people leave the industry without surpassing the first year mark. It is very difficult to envision your future on cam when you have a tough month or two. Will it ever improve? Am I that boring? Etc. It becomes a heavy weight on your shoulders instead of the exciting adventure it is meant to be. The honest truth about this industry is that it is not for everyone and it can be very tough. Tough on your mental state, your body, your confidence and more. The other contributing factor that many people overlook is that not every single model is a top model. This isn’t to say you can’t have a very successful career, because you absolutely can! But for every top 10 model there are a thousand more working just as hard and just as long who may not ever make it to that rank. 


Shooting for the stars is always the best policy, even if it doesn’t land you in the top 10 ranks on your platform, but the sheer discouragement of learning just how much it takes to become (and stay in) the top is a lot more than many people realize. When you sign on expecting to be shot to the top by a few fabulous shows and then you realize that those few shows won’t sustain that rank through the duration of the month, you become mentally exhausted. Over time this can lead to your time on cam feeling much more like a chore rather than a fun experience and a chance to let loose. This overall down feeling is one of the main reasons a lot of models do not continue past the first year. 


Though there are many reasons why people leave the business or take breaks in between, that main reason is a very heavy one. There are, however, different ways you can push through the funk and continue your journey without the burden of carrying that weight. Paying attention to the statistics and slow times for one, staying positive and not getting angry at your members for slow shows, and of course, believing in yourself! The main point though in maintaining your model status is as simple as keeping it fun. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing and not taking yourself too seriously, you will be able to scoot past that cammiversary point with no end in sight. If you are having fun, your members are having fun, this will keep them coming back for more and also draw in new members.

We all know this industry can throw us for a loop whenever it feels like it. One day you may make enough on cam to cover an entire month’s worth of bills, other days you might make peanuts! If this is something you want to factor in alongside a “Vanilla” career or side hustle supplement  rather than a full time gig, that gives you even more of a chance to let it be fun every single time. The pressure is off, the excitement is on! Keeping this mindset and starting with a positive attitude will influence how you feel about going live in the long run. No, this isn’t always easy to do! However with a little self reassurance and practice, this will propel you into your future success through the good times and the bad!