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What is my niche?


Understanding, developing, and reviewing content niches is vital for any content creator, including those in the adult industry. In a previous post about using Reddit, I discussed how subreddits are centred around particular niches, and this post will build upon that. To get started on this topic, let’s discuss what a content niche is, how you develop content within your niche, and how to promote yourself using niches.


A niche is a specific type of content designed to appeal to a particular audience or demographic. Niches can be relatively broad or very narrow. For example, “big butts” is a broad niche and “buttcrack” is a much narrower niche. Broad niches appeal to a larger audience and usually have more competition amongst those who make content in them. Compare this to narrower niches, which may have less general appeal and less competition, but audiences who are extremely dedicated to that content.

So why are niches important for adult models? Niches are important for anyone creating any kind of content because, in an increasing sea of creators, they are what help you stand out and find your unique audience. Whenever creators complain about market oversaturation, it always brings me back to the focus on niches. People who consume adult content are not just a homogenous audience who are looking for one thing; they all have different interests, tastes and things that turn them on. I am a firm believer that there is an audience who will enjoy YOU and YOUR content, regardless of the amount of options available. By refining and focusing on your niches, you will achieve two things: one, you will bring focus to your content, which will help sustain you, and second, you will find your target audience.


Working out what your niches are is a process which considers a number of factors. You will need to ask yourself the following questions, and this can take place before, during or after your content creation process. 

– What content do you enjoy making?

– What content are you good at making?

– What content are audiences looking for?

– What content is profitable?

These questions link back to the Japanese concept of ikijai, which has gained popularity in recent times. It is a meaningful way of sorting your thoughts and can be applied to a number of different aspects of your life; as well as being an overarching framework for finding meaning in your life, it can also be focussed and applied to specific problems, such as isolating what niches you should focus on in your content creation.

Content creation, as with any creative activity, is the doing that helps you work out the answer to most of these questions. For the perfectionists amongst us who have regular periods of freezing up and being unable to create, this will not be the news you want to hear! However, only by making content will you work out what you enjoy making and what you are good at making. This process requires trial and error and equals parts of success and failure. When you start to hone in on what you enjoy making and what you are good at making, you can then research what content audiences are looking for, what is profitable and where the gaps are.

Looking at these questions multiple times during your content creation work will also help bring focus to your work, making sure that what you are doing aligns with the answers to these questions. This isn’t a once-only exercise; the longer you make content, the more you need to go back and review what you are doing. What you enjoy making and what you are good at will change, as will audiences and your target market.


Once you start to lock down a solid group of niches, you will find that creating content and promoting it will become a lot easier. If you have a group of 4 – 6 niches that you make content around, you can focus on making that content and not get distracted by other content trends that come and go. When you have these niches chosen and have made content that is relevant to them, using the same types of words to promote it will power up your promotion to get it in front of the audience you are looking for. Research other models who are doing the same kind of content and see how they promote themselves on a range of platforms, what key phrases they are using, what the keywords are, and how platforms cater to each separate niche.

As I said earlier in this piece and in my pieces talking about using Reddit, subreddits are basically organised into niches. When speaking to customers who are interested in the niches I make content in, they tell me that this is one of the places they go to discover new models and also find new content from their favourites. RedGIFs have also started organising content into niches, so it is another way of adding your content to specific collections. Check out this blog post to find out more about how these collections are organised, how you can contribute and how you can create your own niche collection.

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades. Now, she works full-time in the adult industry, as well as indulging her passion for arts, writing and music in numerous side projects.