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How camming can increase your creativity

Like anything else, the world of live streaming and camming has its unique aspects. The funny thing is that you can only find a few of these things in articles or how-to tutorials. The fact that so many of us know these tricks of the trade is astonishing and, honestly, hilarious. There are endless opportunities to harness your creativity! Has your brain been rewired to think like a streamer? 


Let’s talk about the everyday things we do that apply to this. Have you ever been on a simple grocery run and come across a seasonal item you can DEFINITELY use during a themed show? While this wasn’t the item’s intended purpose, you never know when inspiration will strike! This happens to me all the time! 


Have you ever jerry-rigged up a set out of the most ridiculous objects around your home, and against all odds, you made it look like a professional set for your camming night? The more often this happens, the quicker you get at it, which usually leads to more ambitious set designs!


Once you have done a glitter show, you know the pain involved in the clean-up process. It’s even worse if your clothes get covered in glitter during your show. A pro tip to remove glitter is to use a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will get off the majority of the glitter before you toss it into the wash!


These are just some of the things you learn on the fly. You’ll also acquire a hoard of items that will seem insane, but you just know that they will be perfect for a specific show. It’s so common that it’s no shock that we all seem to have infinite supplies available. We’ve all gone to the party store searching for props and had more ideas for shows than we have had time to plan. I have a bag in my closet that contains years’ worth of body paint, glitter, baby oil, confetti and, for some reason, a very tangled-up bunch of thin rope. I couldn’t tell you what I did with said rope, but it’s in there! It’s important not to let this massive collection of items stress you out too much.


Even a short stint in the industry will teach you all kinds of tricks that can be applied to the most mundane tasks. You’ll become an expert at weird stain removal.


When you have been a streamer for any period of time, you will notice that rallying the troops around a platform-wide inside joke is a regular thing. “Oh *TheTokenBandit* is running loose and dropping all his tokens again!” How clumsy! A token war has broken out between two rooms, Rally! You get to build a community with its own workings and rules. It is all part of the fun! 


Is your camming anniversary coming up? We call it a Cammiversary! This is as big of a celebration as your birthday. What about your half-birthday? This presents the perfect opportunity to have a half-off sale while wearing half of a shirt and one shoe and have half of your hair and makeup done. 


Is a regular member having a birthday? This is a BIG DEAL! Got a new dog? Members rally to vote for the name! How dare you even consider naming your new animal without consulting the team! You can also apply this mentality to a less happy event a fellow streamer is going through. They might need some assistance or even some cheering up, and crashing the stream with your group of regulars is sure to put a smile on the face of a model in need. It is not only a morality booster for all but a fun thing many of us have done or had done to us in the past for no other reason than cam models are fantastic people, and so are the members. 


Many of these things won’t make sense yet, but just wait! You will be wearing oversized sunglasses while checking off bingo numbers with giant googly eyes stuck to your butt and singing about your lovely bunch of coconuts while camming in no time! The best part about this is that it is the tip of the iceberg! There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to camming.


This is proof that being a cam model is not about being a sex robot but a fun-loving, enthusiastic friend to all. We have fun; we like to be silly, and sometimes, things that make perfect sense to us can’t be explained without the experience to get the full effect. So next time you break out the scoreboard for your hot dog eating contest, just know you’re not alone and let your creativity flow! 


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