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How to start blogging – Yes, you can do it!


Being able to write blogs and medium-length content is an important skill for people working online. Blogs are a cornerstone of SEO, but they are also a way that you can demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience in the adult industry. However, if you are not a born writer, or you find the blank page overwhelming, it can be difficult to get started. I know that regardless of your experience with writing, you have plenty to contribute via blog posts; let me tell you how.


The thing that stops a lot of people from writing in the first place is not knowing what to write about. That goes for anything, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or blog posts! I believe that beneath writer’s block is not just perfectionism but also having this feeling that you need to pick a good or worthy topic to write about. Worrying about whether my topic was what people would like or if people would read it stopped me from writing consistently for years. It does not really matter what anyone else thinks or if it has been written a million times before. Your own unique voice will add something extra because you wrote it.

For models in the adult industry, there are a range of different topics you can write on from your perspective that people will find interesting and valuable. Topics sit under certain categories, and once you find one topic you would like to write on, then the others will flow out from that. For example, providing information about using certain sites, camera set-ups, or editing programs can be considered practical guides geared towards other models, whereas talking about your favourite content categories, how you got started in your key niches or your favourite things to do on holiday are more personal and geared towards your fanbase. Blogs can also take the form of fictional short stories, which are enjoyed by lots of different people. I personally love to do editorials where I rant about a subject I am really interested in for the entirety of the post (and yes, other people do appreciate these more than I realise!).

The main point is to approach topics with non-judgement. Getting something written is hard, so just write whatever feels right at the time. Think of it like making any form of content; you did not just make one or two videos and stop. Blogging is no different.  Once you get started, there will be no stopping you!


To begin, you will need a topic, and then you will need to think about the structure. Blog posts are generally not less than 600 words, with subheadings breaking the piece into manageable chunks. The headings not only help you keep on track with what you are writing, but they are also signposts for your readers, so they know what you are talking about in a section. The number of subheadings will differ depending on your topic. I like doing Top 5 lists, so after a short introduction, I will have five subheadings. But as you can see with this piece, I have an introduction and three subheadings.

Developing a structure that works for you will help with future writing; it becomes the basic framework on which you can build any topic. I will talk more about basic writing techniques in another post so that I can go into more detail on linking your ideas together, editing and what to do when you get really stuck.


You may be thinking, “Cool, I know what I need to do to start blogging, but where do I publish? And what is the point?” If you have your own website, then having a blog as part of that is crucial for building SEO and keeping visitors on your page and is an easy way to keep the site regularly updated. There are other sites that host blogs, such as Medium and Substack, that allow you to self-publish within certain parameters. Yes, they allow certain adult content (always check the fine print!). View blogs as another place for you to promote yourself and, by extension, your content.

Sites such as RedGIFs also have blogs, so once you become proficient at writing, opportunities to contribute to industry platforms will open up. It is well worth developing the skill or at least trying it and seeing where it takes you.

Rem Sequence is an Australian adult content creator, blogger and internationally published alt model. She has a background in psychology, philosophy and political science and has worked in health and sex education, youth work and trauma counseling for almost two decades. Now, she works full-time in the adult industry, as well as indulging her passion for arts, writing and music in numerous side projects.