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RedGIFs Discord: Connect, create, and collaborate

Discord is quickly becoming one of the biggest social networking platforms in the world! Offering a unique experience for members and verified creators alike and an interactive way to network, market and have fun, this comes as no surprise. So, if you haven’t jumped on board with the official RedGIFs Discord server, this is your sign! No matter if you are a content creator, dabbling in the idea of starting that adventure or any level of dedicated fan, this is a place you want to check out! If you are asking yourself why you should venture into a new type of social media platform when you already use so many others (or maybe you use none but are considering it, good for you!), the answer is simple. Community! The community aspect of Discord outweighs any other kind of social media platform by far. With all of the options it offers for communication and sharing information or content, it truly is on its own level for promotion, networking and beyond! 


For marketing and promotion purposes, the server offers a wide variety of opportunities! Not only can you post an advertisement in the “Creators” section with your platform link and photo or video (you can do this every day!), but also the chance to grab your very own Twitter shoutout to be part of RedGIFs Twitter Network is right at your fingertips! You can share your social media links, your RedGIFs profile and more! There is no shortage of promotional and marketing tools. There is also a creator’s support channel built right in for any kinds of questions or issues you may have for faster answers and references. Becoming a verified creator in the RedGIFs official server also gives the members an opportunity to discover you and your content where they may not organically come across it on the actual platform. This will bring in a lot more traffic and fans for you.


With regular promotions and events going on, there is certainly no shortage of opportunity here! For the members, being a part of the server offers a very organic and unique way to chat with your favourite creator, discover new ones and meet other super fans just like you! Being able to chat with the creators you enjoy in real-time and in a relaxed setting makes it much easier to get to know them (and them, you as well), ask questions, give ideas, and even order your own custom content! There is never a shortage of content to consume while on the server in RedGIFs Categories section, with so many verified creators posting every single day.


As I mentioned before, the server offers a creator support channel for faster assistance. There is also a support channel for the members! Have questions? Can’t log in to your account? All you have to do is create a ticket, and help is on the way! The support system for members and creators on Discord certainly makes things easier. The other helpful aspect of the server for creators specifically is the exclusive creator’s lounge! That’s right! An entire chat is reserved just for verified RedGIFs creators to chat, ask questions, bounce ideas off of one another, or even find partners for collaborations! This is a fantastic tool for creators of all callipers. Knowing that the people you are chatting with are not only who they say they are but that the lounge is full of experienced creators who are always willing to offer advice and help is key! This can be difficult to come by with other social media platforms. Having an honest and frank chat about the things that go on or getting some real-time advice is always helpful when the people you are chatting with already “know what’s up”, as they are a part of this industry just like you. It takes the guessing game out of it, and it truly allows you to make some great friends!  


Now, on top of the marketing and promotional benefits for both creators and members, the server offers a lot of entertainment and event options! Hanging out with your friends on a voice call, Weekly Friday night fun with Raymonda – Discord Manager and the person behind @rg_creators on Twitter, music, games and more! There is always a crowd around ready to play in a voice chat, members and creators alike chatting in the lounges, and so much more. Themed events, Gartic, Among Us, drinking nights or a simple voice chat while you play video games with the other members, whatever floats your boat! The server is a great hang-out spot for all. You can share your own selfies, pets, artwork and more. RedGIFs has worked so hard to create a community on Discord within the RedGIFs family of verified platforms (Interested in Reddit? Check out this blog), and they have done a wonderful job. The staff is always eager to help, and they do a fantastic job to ensure a safe place for each and every member of the server.


Discord, with all of its constantly moving parts, has developed into a well-oiled living machine with a perfect spot for all! There truly is something for everyone on the Official RedGIFs Discord Server

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