Finding your community

The hustle and bustle of work, the daily traffic-filled commute, the continuous feed of negative news that is thrown in our faces every single day, all this weighs on each one of us! This can become a heavy weight to have on your shoulders. In this ever-changing world we live in, it is more important than ever to have a community. This is as true with your friends, family, and neighbors as well as in the workplace. The online world of creation is no exception. Sometimes you want to unwind with a group of friends in a voice chat playing poker, listen to music, or generally shoot the breeze. Perhaps you want to sign into your cam room for chats and snacks or video games and laughs! For many of us, creators and otherwise, we find our biggest sense of community online with our fellow creators, our members, and other friends we have met along the way. As important as it is to maintain our relationships offline, the modern-day online community we are all a part of plays a big role in our support system, and our everyday lives.


Creators and their members have a special bond. One based around fun, friendship, and a uniquely raw truth that we reveal to each other in an unmatched way. Not only do we have individual connections, but, for example in a cam room situation, our members also connect and become friends. This makes your live shows much more fun and also encourages others to engage in the festivities! That being said, the bonds we and our members all make together are ones that we can cherish for the long haul. Genuine appreciation and friendship all around create a welcoming and warm environment which is a wonderful addition to any creator space. Not only does this invite new members to join in, but this makes the space a comfortable and familiar gathering spot for the whole group. Giving not only your fans but yourself that to look forward to is a wonderful thing and can really propel your will to entertain into light speed! 


Getting to know your fellow creators also offers a unique opportunity to share, connect and form lasting bonds. Doing what we do, we need to be able to lean on others who know exactly what we go through on a regular basis, both good and bad! Being able to ask for advice, get honest reviews, tips, and hacks is something we all need. That level of support and friendship is priceless. Not only does this kind of support system offer the help and comfort that many of us crave, but also offers us the opportunity to collaborate for content, projects, and endless other collective works that we can conquer, stronger, together! It can be difficult to find a place to create this kind of community. Luckily RedGIFs offers not only a network of active Subreddits for you to browse and become a part of, but also an official Discord server where we can interact with one another, join events, and have fun! Stepping out into these corners of the internet can be a little scary, but it truly does offer an experience like no other for both craters and fans alike! 


The anonymity of the internet, no matter how close you are to your members and friends, allows us to be truthful with ourselves and each other without the real threat of judgment and backlash. We can surround ourselves with endless amounts of like-minded individuals who bring so much to the table. Some of our best friends are people we have never met in real life because we can be honest with not only them but ourselves, which is such a freeing truth. Unlike any other kind of community, our online group provides us with an unmatched level of honest support at almost any time of the day or night. Connecting with people all over the world from different walks of life also gives us a looking into what is really happening across the globe. We can all be there for each other, we can all connect and we can all find our people with the click of a mouse. Community today is more important than ever, even if it is spread out all over the globe!