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A guide to faceless content creation

The industry we work in has many faces. This can be a little scary for newbies coming into the world of content creation. One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Do I need to show my face?” and the simplest answer most of the time is no. There are exceptions to this, but generally speaking, those who want to share their passion and craft with the world while staying anonymous can do so without worry. There are many reasons why someone would like to keep their face hidden—content theft, exposure, etc. On the less negative side of things, however, I do know several creators that will keep their face hidden to give the consumer a chance to better imagine who they like in the place of said creator. Whatever the reason, hiding your face when creating content is perfectly okay and acceptable. Keep in mind, especially at first, that this might slow growth down a tad, but if done correctly, it can lead to long-lasting success. The key, as with any goal, is consistency! Keeping up with your posting schedule and putting out that amazing content you make regularly will always keep people coming back for more, whether your face is visible or not. 


There are many ways you can hide your face. Some wear masks, some use software for a blurring effect and others cut the shot at the neck or face away from the camera when able to. The easiest of these, in all honesty, is wearing a mask. This takes out the question of whether you dipped your head into the frame in the heat of the moment or similar. Masks are great and can very easily play into the theme of your content and provide you with the protection you want! A latex mask, for example, will have many categories that it will fit into swimmingly. This gives you the opportunity to not only explore some new fetish work but also draw in a whole different crowd of members! The number of masks you can find that fit into the kink/fetish world is vast, so shop around and have fun! When it comes to software, however, you have control over what you blur and what you don’t. This can also potentially be handy for other things like tattoos! Some have a face-tracking feature that will automatically cover you; some need you to track it manually. However, the best advice on which one will work for you will come from a more experienced video editor who has used this kind of product for different reasons. Ask around! Our community has a great pool of diverse expertise on this topic! Taking all of this into consideration, simply keeping your face out of the frame is easy and free! Any of these methods will work just fine; it’s all about finding which one works for you!


So what platforms can I use as a creator who doesn’t show their face? The answer here might be surprising. You will be able to post on and use MOST kinds of platforms that we all use, such as subscription services, clip sites and similar. The major exception to all of this, however, is cam sites. You can not do any streaming on a NSFW site and hide your face. The reason for this is that the platform wants to make sure that you not only are indeed who you say you are but that you are not streaming a previously recorded video and that you KNOW that you are live on camera. This is a protection measure taken for not only the platform but you as well, similar to the “No sleeping on cam” rule most of them have. The sites want to make sure you are engaging with your actual cam room, that you are, in fact, purposely streaming and that you aren’t a fraud trying to make a quick buck off someone else pre-recorded videos. I can recall a time when I was streaming live, and a member came into my room and told me that someone was actively catfishing as me while I was LIVE. This was very obvious when we went to investigate and report, not only because it was literally my body with my face cut out (which we knew right away), but the conversation “I was having” in that chat did not match with what was actually happening in the chat. If you don’t plan on doing any live streaming, you should be able to navigate through the NSFW world of content creation platforms anonymously with ease.


Some people may choose to do a more “half & half” situation where they only show their face, for example, when they are live on cam. This is fine! I make most of my free videos totally faceless because they are the most pirated. This isn’t to say that someone won’t grab a shot of your face and post it elsewhere (because people can be monsters). However, if you only show your beautiful face during your cam shows, you can still maintain your level of anonymity by utilizing the geo-blocking features. Therefore, there is much less of a chance you will run into someone you know. There are many reasons people want to keep their face out of their smut peddling; I get it! Whatever your reason, just make sure not to let anyone ever pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. No amount of money is worth risking your privacy if that is what you are trying to protect. Drink plenty of water and live your best life!

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