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Downsizing platforms for success

In the beginning, we typically start with one or two platforms. Usually, we start with the more prominent names in the industry because we know they are legitimate and, of course, well-known. As time passes, you might seek an alternative to the sites you originally picked. You may want a platform that offers more tools, is more user-friendly, or you are just looking for a change, and that’s great! It is always exciting to start on a new platform, especially when you are more comfortable in your craft rather than beginner’s nerves. With all of the options available to us, and there are a LOT, it becomes easier and easier to keep adding places to your itinerary. Working on multiple platforms at once can be very lucrative if done correctly. However, for many of us, there comes a day when we realize we are spread pretty thin. For several reasons, this can become a problem! How do you know when it’s time to leave a platform? Which platforms should you simply “set and forget”, or which ones are worth keeping up with? There are a lot of questions! The good news is that most of the time, cleaning up the roster can be pretty straightforward; you just have to recognize what is right for you! 


 There are tons of platforms with many overlapping features. When I went through and looked to see if there were any platforms I could eliminate, I considered a few things. If it’s a clip site, for example, how well do my videos do on that platform with minimal effort from me? How long is the upload process? Is it worth spending the extra time uploading to it if I do not spend time marketing that specific site? The answers will be different for everyone. It also depends on what you want to get out of it! It only takes a little extra time when you have finished a video to set an upload up, tag it, describe it, etc. The question is, is it worth it? Are you getting sales from that platform with your current marketing? Do you have the time or want to spend it uploading to 8 different places? Is there a benefit to selling your content on only ONE platform? “Is it worth it?” It is a very loaded question! It’s important before answering this that you take a look at what your goal is. Are you looking for something simpler and low maintenance, or do you just have 16 platforms you use that could easily be condensed into 6? Take a look at your product. Pre-made videos, live streams, reels etc. What is it that you enjoy doing? In my opinion, keeping the platforms that have more of an “all-inclusive” roster of features is the best idea to cover all the bases and give you a more organized system. This allows you to have your pre-made videos, fan club, live shows, etc, all in one place instead of bouncing around to different spots. If you have a platform in mind when you read this that’s got you nodding your head, yes, it’s a keeper!


On the other hand, eliminating a platform can be difficult. From a marketing perspective, multiple platforms mean more eyes on your product, which should result in more sales. This is true! But if you have two different fan clubs, for example (many of our members will try multiple sites, some may not!), you want to look at how lucrative they are for you on their own. Which does better with general subscription numbers and tips? Which offers you services and features you want? The other thing to remember is that some platforms (a tube site or two that I’ve seen in particular) will only let you delete a certain number of videos per month before you can actually delete your account. Keep this in mind! 


There are a lot of other questions you might have when downsizing the number of platforms you use, such as whether my members will get upset. Will they follow me to the platforms I want to stick with? The answer to that is always different. Many of our members also use multiple platforms or are open to trying new ones; some are set in their ways and prefer to stick with what they know. The best way to transition people is to plant that seed early. You can’t force people to move platforms, but this will get the ball rolling on them thinking about or looking into the places you are sticking with. If your members want to stick with you and keep enjoying your products, they will come! If you are trying to clean up your menu, save some time and be able to focus more on the platforms you do the most work on, take a look at your lineup! Which ones are you avoiding when you are stressed enough as it is? Which ones are just downright difficult to use? Some platforms also provide a “pause my account” feature if you aren’t ready to say goodbye yet. This makes your profile completely private but gives you the option to keep all of your content/products up in case you want to come back. If you are feeling overwhelmed, looking for a lighter load of work, or just aren’t loving a platform, it’s ok to move on from it! The only kind of platform that I would suggest a “set and forget” approach would be clip sites! I say this because you will often get sales from these platforms with minimal extra marketing, and the search feature on these platforms will do some of the marketing for you.


Just something to consider! Do what is right for you; if there is a platform you feel is weighing you down and is not worth it to you any longer, break up with it! Your fans and members will understand. Focusing your marketing and energy towards a smaller number of places will also gain you new members as you simply will be spending more focus on those specific sites! Having options for people is great in this business, but sometimes enough is enough! We are only people; we can only do what we can do. Don’t feel guilty if you are thinking of leaving one or many of the platforms you are on for any reason; just do what works for you! 


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