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Anti Piracy

One of the somewhat inevitable things that happen in this industry is content theft. It happens to all of us; we all hate it. It doesn’t feel nice to stumble across your content in strange places. Sometimes, it’s videos that have been uploaded without your knowing/consent, photos, someone catfishing you, or even screen recordings of your live cam shows. It can be anger-provoking and violating, and amongst other assorted emotions, the fear that the content can be seen by someone you do not wish to view is very real. There are a few steps you can take to avoid this, such as working on legitimate platforms that have their own security measures in place, such as a digital fingerprint or other services, running regular checks yourself by searching assorted places such as tube sites you don’t have profiles on and other google search results, and one very specific one…do NOT sell your dropbox full of content! (seriously, this is the easiest way to have all your content slip into the wrong hands all at once)  The good news is that although nothing can be totally theft-proof (honestly, that’s life in general, isn’t it?) There are indeed several ways to cut down on the amount of piracy you encounter, and even a silver lining!

If a video of yours has been uploaded somewhere you don’t want it to be, don’t fret! Utilizing the DMCA takedown services that most platforms offer will help to get those pirated scenes taken down. One of the ways I have gathered assorted links for my stolen content in the past is by giving my members a chance to do the searching for me with prize incentives! A month of Onlyfans or Snapchat per link they submit or other things I was able to offer them for their help. That being said, if you are using tube sites, make sure the links that are being sent are not from the sister sites affiliated with those sites if you have that option enabled. Many times these links lead to compilation videos with your content included, these videos can not be claimed on said sites as your own HOWEVER they can be taken down via DMCA. Cam Model Protection is a wonderful company offering a variety of DMCA takedown services to help combat this. Offering several levels of subscription can cover you from tube sites to Google search results and everything in between! This service is also gift-able from your members, which is a refreshing bonus! Along with the takedown service they provide, Cam Model Protection also sends updates directly to your email, letting you know what they have found, where, and that the DMCA takedown notice has been submitted on your behalf.


Many of the platforms we work on also offer an exclusivity feature that will search on your behalf for the content you have uploaded there and have it removed from other sites, or have implemented a digital fingerprint to combat piracy from the source. The downside to this is, for example, if you use multiple platforms for your free content you would not be able to upload the same FREE content to different platforms (there may be exceptions, check the FAQ on your specific platforms first!) However, anything behind a paywall is generally fine to have the same things cross-posted. On the topic of platforms, if you come across someone catfishing as you, the best way to have these accounts taken down is to go directly through the platform’s customer service. Send them the link to the platform/ username with a message stating that they are using your likeness, photos, videos, etc, and impersonating you. They may ask you for further confirmation that the property is in fact you. The only kinds of platforms I have seen that seem to give creators a hard time about impersonators are dating apps. If we are being honest those profiles do not seem to last very long as people will report them as fake as well. Make the report and check back to see if the profile has been deleted if you have not heard back from the support staff. Do not approach or send messages to the profile that is pretending to be you as that will likely result in you simply being blocked by them and then you have no way to check or report the account.

Although we all dread our content being found in places we didn’t intend it to be, there is a silver lining! On occasion, your stolen content will reach the eyes of an individual who indeed, what’s to support your work! From there they can find the platforms you work on and in fact, turn into a member of yours. The easiest way to ensure the content that has been posted will do the good work on your behalf is by adding a watermark with your stage name. Keeping in mind some platforms do not allow watermarks depicting links to other platforms, adding the watermark with the appropriate information depending on which platform you are posting on will give you the best chance to bring those peepers to your cam room, OnlyFans and the other legitimate platforms that you use. Some sites even give you the option to add a watermark exclusive to that platform when uploading so there are no extra steps for you. Keep in mind that the first time you find your content out there can be shocking, Being prepared for that to happen can lessen the blow but it will still sting. The best thing you can do in this situation is not panic! Staying calm and submitting the pirated content to your favorite DMCA takedown service will start the process of content removal and takes very little time to do. Stay safe out there! 

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