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Project 2025 (Part 1)

Nobody likes the idea of mixing politics and porn. Not on our side of things, at least. But that isn’t stopping some states from imposing backwards age verification laws that put your personal information at risk or trying to monitor what you watch or read. Thankfully the folks in Texas and Tennessee can pop on a VPN and go on their merry wanking way. It’s not going to be that simple if a giant porn-stealing legislative monster that also wants to erase a lot of the people you know and love finds its way into our government. Despite this being something so extreme that it would impact nearly all Americans, only about 1 in 4 of us have even heard about it. I’m talking about Project 2025 and how, among a number of terrible things, the people behind it are coming to take your porn away for good. So, if you’re reading this, it’s something you’ll want to know a little about.

Project 2025 is a massive 920-page, publicly available mandate outlining policies to be immediately executed in 2025 if a conservative administration gets into power. It’s a mind-boggling read both in its density and its insanity, policies ranging from dismantling the Department of Education to firing about half of all federal employees. There are dozens of contributors to the document, most notably from the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society. Both could accurately be described as Christian nationalist groups doing everything they can to influence American law to conform to their religious beliefs. These beliefs would beat down and persecute a number of vulnerable groups, among them sex workers and the LGBTQ community. In some of the ways I’m going to lay out, sex workers are being used as the base to launch the warped policies that would be used to discriminate and erase LGBTQ Americans.

Despite the text of Project 2025 totalling over 900 pages, you don’t have to go far beyond the first 30 pages to get a good idea of the general outline of the plan as a whole. An excerpt from page 5 of the handbook that pertains to pornography directly is explicit in its intentions. “Pornography should be outlawed. The people who produce and distribute it should be imprisoned. Educators and public librarians who purvey it should be classed as registered sex offenders. And telecommunications and technology firms that facilitate its spread should be shuttered.” Those are some pretty severe statements regarding something that just about everyone consumes, but one of those sentences is not like the others. Why would there be a need to throw teachers and librarians into that hellish paragraph? It stems from local and state laws being enacted across the country that are attempting to define what is considered obscene and how it’s to be defined in regard to educational content or media available in the school library. This is where the attack on the LGBTQ community comes into full effect. Anything going against a rigid set of guidelines of what could reasonably be considered obscene would be immediately labelled as porn. That includes almost all teaching material of content containing any mention of non-heterosexual relationships or any non-binary gender expression.

There’s too much to fit into a single blog on this subject, so I’m going to close here and pick it up next time with some of the specific laws that are being used as the template for implementing Project 2025 on a national scale. In the meantime, you can make sure that you’re registered to vote and do what you can to inform your fans of what’s at stake for their favorite entertainers and how they’re going to have to go back to jerking off to Victoria’s Secret catalogues.

You can register to vote at https://vote.gov

See the whole Project 2025 manuscript on their site https://Project2025.org

Riley Cyriis is a New England-based indie content creator and mortician. She owns Cyriis Studios with her partner, Ryan Cyriis. She’s a cult survivor, a heavily-armed liberal, and the enemy of corruption and greed.