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Onlyfans management agencies (Part 1)

What to look out for when selecting a management agency

Over the last decade or so, adult content has evolved from the image of dank porn shops and seedy hotel productions into a mainstream staple of pop culture and entrepreneurship. This is, of course, thanks to living in a digital and interconnected timeline. The more accessible clip and fan sites become, the more control content creators have over the distribution and profits of their own work. Fan sites have been especially powerful for creators, large and small, to connect and interact with their fans and open up new revenue streams. But, like with most things that make our lives easier, there is always an exiled Nigerian prince who comes along to show us why we can’t have nice things.

Enter the OnlyFans management agencies. The current, and hopefully final, evolution of the mass free trial spam groups that ruined PPV DMs for the bulk of us in 2020. Regardless of what they call themselves or if they have a legitimate-looking website, they’re all the same thing. Pump and dump schemes are run by a few “bosses,” each overseeing a bunch of managers, each of whom operates a team of chatters assigned to however many creators they currently have in their roster. Basically, suitcase pimps. And they’ll tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign a contract, and they’ll even honeypot you with seemingly legitimate creators who scout you out. They all use programs like Infloww to keep everything going from one place. I started an “agency” for my studio to get my hands on their software, and even the onboarding videos don’t hide that you’re there to take advantage of uninformed creators using chatters that are borderline slave labour.

These agencies are unethical at their core in a whole bunch of ways; I’m going to touch on a few basic ones here. If you’ve ever even mentioned OnlyFans on Twitter/X, you’ve almost certainly had a few pop up in your inbox. Whether you’re looking for an expert in NSFW social media management, networking, or help with content creation, they’ve got you covered. Except they don’t; they all follow pretty much the exact same playbook designed to get you signed onto a predatory contract, often 50-60% of your earnings, built to bleed your fans dry and leave you in the lurch when your reputation has been destroyed. Some will even offer incredible bonus opportunities. One advertises a planned cam girl clubhouse-style reality show that is getting ready for production. Further digging into that revealed that it was a four-year-old Kickstarter that had barely reached 2% of its funding goal. Another reached out as an affiliate brand marketing group, only to slip in that they’re an OnlyFans management agency you need to sign with 20 minutes into a video call. One even bragged that he’s buddies with a famous Red Pill fugitive hiding out in Romania. The bottom line is that these people can’t be trusted with your livelihood, and none of these folks hold up to any scrutiny when you start looking at where they’re based, who runs the sites, or even if the agency is a legitimate company.

Keeping these tactics in mind will help you avoid being taken advantage of by agencies that don’t have your best interests at heart. In my next piece, I’ll be diving into what to look out for once you are already signed up with an agency. Stay tuned!

Riley Cyriis is a New England-based indie content creator and mortician. She owns Cyriis Studios with her partner, Ryan Cyriis. She’s a cult survivor, a heavily-armed liberal, and the enemy of corruption and greed.